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Keep your loved one feeling fresh and clean with full service laundry in Hartford

As our population ages, more and more seniors are choosing to age in place. This option allows seniors to maintain a sense of autonomy and familiarity, but can also lead to unforeseen complications. As your loved one ages, they may have more difficulty with common household tasks such as laundry due to mobility, strength, vision, and dexterity issues. Simply carrying a laundry basket can be an arduous task, as full laundry baskets can weigh up to 25 pounds.. Additionally, your senior may have a hard time loading and unloading the washer and dryer, especially if they need to use a walker or wheelchair to get around. If your aging loved one is having a hard time with this important task, it may be time to hire a laundry service in Hartford.

At Seasons, we value the work caregivers and family members are doing to support their seniors. We work hard to provide you with resources to find whatever services your loved one needs, whether that’s transportation to senior activities, help to find the right home healthcare, or looking for a reputable wash and fold laundry service in Hartford. Cleanliness and hygiene are huge factors in your loved one’s health so it’s important to stay on top of laundering clothing and linens.

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