The best laundry services in Detroit

Keep your loved one feeling fresh and clean with full service laundry in Detroit

Research has found that pathogens are often present in the clothing of not just ill people but also those who care for them. This can be especially dangerous for older adults who are often more susceptible to respiratory infections. Consistent laundering can help to remove these pathogens. But it’s often a challenge for seniors to keep up with washing their clothes, bedding, and towels on a consistent schedule because of how taxing it can be for them physically.

You don’t want the senior in your life to have to choose between spending all of their energy on doing the laundry every day or putting themselves at an increased risk of getting an infection. That’s why hiring a laundry service in Detroit could be a good option. Seasons has put together a list of free Detroit laundry service resources below to help you find your best local options and learn more about the benefits of these services.

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