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Keep your loved one feeling fresh and clean with full service laundry in Austin

Nobody likes doing laundry, but we also never consider what things would be like if we couldn’t do laundry. Normal laundering reduces clothing contamination by 89 percent while using a sanitizing detergent increases that to 99%, so we would probably get sick more often. Wearing dirty clothes is unsanitary, and people who do so regularly may be ostracized in social situations. Sadly, these hypotheticals are very real for seniors who cannot do laundry as often as they should.

There are many reasons why seniors cannot do laundry ranging from the physical strain of lifting and folding it to not having clean appliances to handle each load. Thankfully, a wash and fold laundry service in Austin can take care of all of that. Seasons is a trustworthy website dedicated to helping seniors find whatever they need to thrive, and our free Austin laundry service resources are a great place to begin.

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