The best house cleaning services in Hartford

Cleaning services in Hartford for your senior that will leave their space sparkling

You want to do everything you possibly can to help your older adult age in place with their dignity intact, but have you considered the role house cleaning services in Hartford could play in that? Seniors over 65 make up 16% of ladder and step stool injuries but 39% of hospitalizations, so it’s more dangerous for your loved one to try and clean high shelves than it would be for other people. Similarly, seniors aren’t always physically capable of mopping, sweeping, and other cleaning tasks that others take for granted.

That said, living in a clean and tidy home is more important for seniors than the general population. Random stuff on the ground could be a tripping hazard for your loved one, while dirty stoves and ranges represent fire hazards. Seasons is a trustworthy website dedicated to helping older Americans find the resources they need to enjoy their golden years, and our free Hartford housekeeping service resources are top-notch. Please review the listings below to start comparing house cleaning services in New Haven.

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