Give your pet the care they deserve with pet services in New York City

In-home pet care in New York City benefits both your loved one and their pet

The National Institute of Health estimates that over 50% of older adults have pets, and owning a dog, cat, or other animal can be a great source of support for older adults. Petting and hugging an animal provides a buffering effect on loneliness, particularly if your loved one lives alone. As our loved ones get older, the companionship of a pet can provide both affection and a sense of responsibility.

However, the daily tasks of caring for a pet may become increasingly difficult as our seniors age. At Seasons, we know how important keeping a companion animal can be for elders. That’s why we provide listings for pet care in New York City. We understand that finding assistance can make the difference between your loved one keeping their pet well and healthy at home or experiencing the heartbreak of surrender, so let us help you find great pet care with our free New York City in-home pet care resources.

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