Finding senior caregiver resources in Tulsa

Resources for Tulsa seniors and their caregivers

It’s common for older adults to make financial adjustments after retiring. But having a tight budget results in some seniors making difficult choices that could impact their overall well-being. For example, in Oklahoma, as many as 1 in 18 seniors avoided care due to cost in 2021. This is not a road that cities and states want their seniors to travel, which is why many offer older adults a variety of resources for financial assistance, health guidance, and other forms of support.

Having access to these types of resources can make a world of difference for seniors in need. But at Seasons, we know it’s not always easy for older adults who don’t have assistance from caregivers to find and sort through these resources. If you’re looking for senior resources in Tulsa as an older adult or caregiver, take time to explore our free Tulsa caregiver resources below:

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