Finding senior caregiver resources in Salt Lake City

Resources for Salt Lake City seniors and their caregivers

Seniors sometimes make tough decisions when faced with tight budgets. In Utah, for example, as many as 1 in 17 seniors avoided care due to cost in 2021. Numerous cities and states want to help older adults avoid these types of situations by offering financial assistance along with other forms of help ranging from senior day programs to healthcare guidance. But it’s not always easy for seniors to find or navigate information that is sometimes scattered in various locations.

Some seniors are fortunate to have assistance from caregivers with finding help; however, this is not a luxury all older adults enjoy. Whether you’re a senior searching for help on your own or you’re a caregiver supporting your loved one, Seasons wants to help you find great senior resources in Salt Lake City. You can get a good start by exploring our free Salt Lake City caregiver resources below.

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