Chico Senior Care

Find the best caregiver services in Chico

More than 12% of the total population of Chico is at least age 65, and many of these older adults rely on friends and family to act as informal caregivers on their behalf. Most of a senior's loved ones are happy to help, but they may not feel qualified to perform certain tasks or lack the capacity to provide all of the support their elderly loved one may need. Furthermore, seniors may not wish to be a burden on their loved ones and avoid reaching out for needed assistance. The result can be seniors not getting the care they need to age with grace.

Professional caregiver services in Chico and nearby areas like Redding can give informal caregivers more time to spend with their elderly loved ones while ensuring that older adults receive the care they deserve. For example, you might have time to take in a race at Silver Dollar Speedway with your older loved one if a professional housekeeper is taking care of their home. Seasons provides free resources and local listings to help older adults find whatever they might need to live well.

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