Transportation for Seniors in Yakima

Locate safe, reliable rides for seniors in Yakima

According to the NHTSA, people over the age of 65 are far more likely to die in senior car crashes than any other segment of the population. This might be something you’d rather not think about — particularly if you know your senior is still driving around town. But it’s something that every caregiver should come to terms with at some point, because unnecessary delays can have tragic consequences. Broaching this topic with your senior can be tricky, as no one likes to hear that their vehicle is being taken away. Some seniors see their car keys as a symbol of their independence. To some extent, the ability to drive represents adulthood and being taken seriously in our society. But as difficult as this decision might be, sometimes seniors must accept the fact that it’s no longer safe for them to get behind the wheel. The good news is that they can easily transition to a variety of reliable options for Yakima elderly transportation. You can connect with these services after browsing your local options through Seasons’ detailed listings.

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