Transportation for Seniors in Rochester

Locate safe, reliable rides for seniors in Rochester

As people get older, it can become increasingly difficult to drive safely. Seniors experience a range of physical and mental changes as they age, which can heighten their risk of injury or fatality when on the roads. While it can be difficult for an adult to give up the freedom of driving, it’s important to keep our senior loved ones safe. A survey conducted by the NADTC found that over 60 percent of senior caregivers helped their charges with transportation. However, caregivers have responsibilities as well, particularly if they’re unpaid family or friends providing care to their elderly loved ones. Finding reliable rides for seniors in Rochester, Mason City, Austin, and other areas in Minnesota can provide respite to caregivers while ensuring that older adults can remain mobile and active for longer.

If your senior loved one has trouble accessing reliable public transportation, it may be time to find an excellent provider who can handle their transportation needs. At Seasons, you can access unbiased listings on senior ride services at no charge to you.

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