Transportation for Seniors in Columbus

Locate safe, reliable rides for seniors in Columbus

Many seniors desperately cling to their vehicles — and their driver’s licenses — for as long as possible. When you consider the fact that America’s metropolitan areas were designed around automobiles, you really can’t blame them. Losing a driver’s license can feel like a major blow for seniors — representing the loss of independence and dignity. But there’s no denying that these elderly drivers put themselves and others in danger when they get behind the wheel of a car.

New research shows that 1 in 5 seniors between the ages of 65 and 74 have cataracts. This, along with the natural aging process, can seriously affect a person’s ability to drive safely. The good news is that you can provide your senior with a solution that offers both independence and safety. Senior transportation in Columbus is a solid choice for caregivers, and it allows you to breathe a sigh of relief the next time your senior loved one takes a trip to the grocery store.

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