Transportation for Seniors in Bismarck

Locate safe, reliable rides for seniors in Bismarck

In the United States, access to a vehicle is synonymous with independence. Most of us remember the moment we got our driver’s licenses as teens, and that amazing feeling of freedom. Losing that freedom can feel very discouraging, and this is exactly what many seniors in the United States experience when they reach a certain age. Although some stubbornly insist otherwise, most seniors must accept at some point that issues like cataracts and cognitive decline make driving far too dangerous.

They are then faced with a number of options. They can either cut ties with their community and accept their isolation, or they can attempt to use public transit. The problem is that public transit is inadequate in many places — particularly rural areas. You also have to consider the fact that, unlike many European cities that are designed around pedestrians, most American cities are designed around cars. But there’s another option that caregivers can take advantage of: Senior transportation in Bismarck.

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