The best laundry services in Washington D.C.

Keep your loved one feeling fresh and clean with full service laundry in Washington D.C.

Doing the laundry may not be easy for your loved one. Laundry baskets and piles of wet clothes can be heavy. Likewise, folding laundry may be challenging for seniors who lack steady hands. All of that said, it’s important for your loved one’s clothing to get clean. Respiratory, enteric, and dermal pathogens can present in unwashed clothing and linens, to say nothing of the mental toll that may accompany wearing clothing with stains and wrinkles.

Wash and fold laundry service in Washington D.C. allows seniors to enjoy the benefits of clean laundry and linens without doing it themselves, making it a great option for many older adults. We specialize in connecting seniors to the services that make their quality of life better, and our free Washington D.C. laundry service resources are a great place to begin searching for a local company.

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