The best laundry services in Peoria

Keep your loved one feeling fresh and clean with full service laundry in Peoria

Your senior might be exposed to MRSA without your knowledge. This pathogen can live on clothing — especially when ineffective laundering processes are being used. The issue is that many people — seniors included — have been told that cold washes are good for the environment. While this may be true to some extent, recent data has shown that insufficient temperatures in home washers can leave pathogens like MRSA on clothing even after they come out of the wash. Even if seniors use the maximum heat setting on their washing machines, contamination may still be present after the wash cycle is complete. Household detergents may also fail to kill all contaminants.

The good news is that a full service laundry in Peoria typically has access to heavy-duty washing machines with high temperatures that reliably deal with issues like MRSA. In addition, these laundry professionals know when to use sanitizing detergent that can kill almost all contaminants. With Seasons’ online listings, it’s easy to find a laundry service in Peoria that can help make your senior’s life safer and more convenient.

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