The best laundry services in Lincoln

Keep your loved one feeling fresh and clean with full service laundry in Lincoln

Did you know that a full laundry basket can weigh up to 25 pounds? That might not seem like a lot to the average American, but it can be a daunting prospect for seniors. In fact, heavy laundry baskets may dissuade elderly individuals from doing their laundry altogether — and they may end up sitting in dirty clothes as a result. But that’s not the only reason seniors may be reluctant to do their own laundry. Loading a washing machine involves plenty of bending and lifting, and some seniors simply cannot handle these demanding tasks any longer.

Even when the laundry is done, there’s still the task of folding and putting away clothes. On top of that, seniors must then fit sheets and duvet covers on their beds — tasks that are surprisingly strenuous. But seniors still deserve access to clean clothes and bedding — even if they are going through a serious physical decline. Fortunately, you can support your senior as they age in place by connecting them with laundry service in Lincoln. You can browse Seasons’ informative listings to find a laundry service in Lincoln that meets your senior’s unique needs.

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