The best laundry services in Charleston

Keep your loved one feeling fresh and clean with full service laundry in Charleston

If your older adult plans to age in place, making sure that they have clean clothes and bedding is an essential aspect of helping them do so comfortably and safely. Because pathogens can remain on clothes on linens, poor cleaning techniques can make it more likely for your loved one and their caregivers to get sick. As people age, the lifting and carrying associated with doing laundry can become increasingly difficult. Likewise, cognitive challenges can make it harder for older adults to remember to do laundry. Finding a laundry service in Charleston can ensure that your loved one’s clothes are washed regularly and properly.

Seasons understands the value that a wash and fold laundry service in Charleston can provide. That is why we offer listings and other free Charleston laundry service resources to help you find the laundry support that is best for your older adult.

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