The best laundry services in Billings

Keep your loved one feeling fresh and clean with full service laundry in Billings

When you’re struggling with what seems like a million different tasks as a caregiver, laundry might be way down on your list of priorities. But this seemingly basic task might be more important for your senior’s health than you realize. According to a 2010 study, MRSA can be spread more easily in households with ineffective laundering processes. In addition, normal detergent often lacks sanitizing power, resulting in lower decontamination processes compared to high-grade detergents. Finally, lower temperatures in household washers may not completely remove pathogens from fabrics, increasing the risk of infection dramatically. While these seemingly simple issues might result in a sneeze or brief flu for young people, they can be much more serious for elderly individuals. This is why it’s always a good idea to explore your options for laundry service in Billings. With Seasons’ informative listings, you can browse various choices — including laundry pick and delivery for seniors in Billings.

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