Memory Care in Wichita

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An older adult who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease might exhibit a variety of symptoms. Common behavioral symptoms of this brain disorder include aggression, wandering, sleeplessness, agitation, and anxiety. Individuals diagnosed with other forms of dementia might experience similar symptoms over time, which can be challenging for family members who aim to provide quality care. It’s common for untrained caregivers of seniors with dementia to become overwhelmed, which is why many consider memory care for their loved ones.

Memory care differs from traditional assisted living in that it manages your senior’s time, menu, and mealtime. Also, this type of facility keeps a watchful eye on your senior to avoid wandering and other potential hazards of dementia. Seasons is happy to help you locate a reputable memory care facility in Wichita or Hutchinson. Browse our free listings below to begin your search.

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