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Facing the fact that your older loved one has Alzheimer’s can be difficult. An Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be frightening and confusing, both for the patient and their family. With about 40% of people aged 65 or older in the US suffering from age-related memory impairment, the need for quality Billings memory care is increasing. Finding the best memory care facility for your senior can take some time, but it will keep them safe and allow them to get personalized care from providers experienced with caring for people with dementia. If a senior in your life has Alzheimer’s, you might notice them seeming disoriented, forgetting where things are, leaving the burner on, and forgetting the names of people. Have a talk with their doctor to discuss memory care options.

Seasons is here to provide you with resources to help you find the best Billings memory care for your senior. Browse our no-cost listings below to get started.

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