Locate a geriatric care manager in Portland

Why your older adult needs compassionate, trustworthy, and knowledgeable geriatric care management in Portland

Nearly 12% of Portland’s population is 65 or older, and that’s expected to grow to over 18% by 2030. As the city skews older, more people will rely on the support of family and friends when they can’t take care of themselves as they once did. These informal caregivers have a tough job managing the support of an elderly loved one while attending to their own responsibilities with work and family life. Too often, the quality of care can suffer while the caregiver also makes sacrifices to try to improve the situation. A geriatric care manager in Portland (or “GCM”) can do a lot to help caregivers and seniors in these situations by taking over the management of the care plan.

At Seasons, we deliver information and local options to help seniors and their caregivers make the aging experience dignified, preserving independence while protecting the well-being of elderly adults. The free Portland geriatric care manager resources with help you learn more about how GCMs can improve senior care outcomes and show you excellent local providers.

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