Let IV therapy in Santa Barbara come to you

Mobile IV therapy in Santa Barbara for seniors who prefer to age in place

The elderly population is 20% to 30% more prone to developing dehydration due to immobility, impaired thirst mechanism, and health conditions like diabetes and kidney disease. This is incredibly serious because the failure to treat dehydration in seniors can lead to significant complications, up to and including death. If you’re caring for an aging relative, it’s important to make sure they stay hydrated. If they are not able to stay hydrated naturally, you might consider setting them up with a course of IV fluids for dehydration for seniors in Santa Barbara. The most comfortable way for your senior to receive this treatment is to choose mobile IV therapy in Santa Barbara. Of course, there are other conditions that require IV therapy, but it’s always more comfortable for seniors to receive IV therapy at home rather than at a hospital or clinic.

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