Let IV therapy in Lansing come to you

Mobile IV therapy in Lansing for seniors who prefer to age in place

While many people associate intravenous therapy with dehydration treatments, IV therapy has many more use cases. For example, patients with anemia don’t have enough iron to produce the red blood cells they need to effectively transport oxygen throughout their bodies. IV iron infusions at home in Lansing and nearby cities like Jackson infuse iron directly into a senior’s bloodstream, providing rapid relief without long recovery times. Other potential uses for in-home IV therapy in Lansing include antibiotics, chemotherapy, and nutritional supplements.

Some patients don’t realize that mobile IV therapy even exists, but Seasons is looking to change that. We provide a variety of free informational resources to help older adults understand the benefits of in-home IV therapy and how to find certified therapists who can safely administer treatments. You can get started with the local listings below:

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