Let IV therapy in Fort Myers come to you

Mobile IV therapy in Fort Myers for seniors who prefer to age in place

If you have an aging loved one who is experiencing chemotherapy, there’s another choice besides going to the clinic every few days for their treatment. It’s possible to get mobile IV therapy in Fort Myers or Naples. In fact, according to a survey of patients who have had both in-office as well as at-home IV care for chemotherapy, nearly 100% of them stated that they prefer the at-home version. This makes sense, because they don’t have to drive or be driven to the hospital or clinic every time as well as drive back home when they might not be feeling their best. Of course, IV therapy is for other things besides chemotherapy, but it’s available for at-home therapy no matter the reason.

Seasons is dedicated to helping you find the best resources for seniors. See our listings and reviews below to find the right in-home IV therapy in Fort Myers for your elderly loved one today.

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