Let IV therapy in Albany come to you

Mobile IV therapy in Albany for seniors who prefer to age in place

While many people think they know what intravenous (or IV) therapy entails, most are a little foggy on the particulars. IV therapy entails relatively pain-free infusions directly into a patient’s bloodstream to provide rapid relief. The effects generally last a few days, though each patient’s unique situation dictates how long they can go between treatments. All types of treatments can be delivered intravenously, including iron infusions for patients with anemia, nutritional supplements, steroids, chemo, and dehydration fluids.

You might be wondering how your senior will get to the hospital to receive the treatments they need, but the truth is that they may not have to. Mobile IV therapy for seniors in Albany is an increasingly popular option allowing older adults to receive the care they need from the convenience of home. If you aren’t sure how to find a licensed therapist, Seasons provides local listings and other free resources to expedite your search below:

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