Health Insurance and Medicare Brokers in Lubbock

Trustworthy Medicare and insurance brokers in Lubbock

The average cost of a Medigap (Part G) Medicare Supplement Plan in Texas is $177.67. That’s more than some families can afford to pay. However, there may be more affordable options out there for your older loved one that can still provide them with the kinds of support they need to thrive throughout their golden years. Hiring a health insurance broker in Lubbock could be the easiest way to find those plans.

A Medicare broker in Lubbock will help your senior review all of their Medicare options. They’ll work with them to figure out whether standard Medicare Part A and B are enough or if they need additional coverage through Part C and prescription drugs through Part C. Seasons has compiled the free Lubbock health insurance resources below to help you begin exploring the top local providers and learn more about how they can help.

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