Give your pet the care they deserve with pet services in Wichita

In-home pet care in Wichita benefits both your loved one and their pet

Studies show that older adults can enjoy a variety of benefits when they adopt a pet. For example, did you know that companion animals may reduce loneliness and depression in socially isolated homebound older adults? In addition to emotional benefits, pet ownership can provide physical and social benefits thanks to the potential for increased outdoor activity and social interactions. There are so many perks to pet ownership that experiencing hardships seems far-fetched. But unfortunately, hardships can be a reality for older adults facing health challenges.

If your elderly loved one is dealing with physical or mental limitations that make walking the dog, feeding the cat, or providing baths difficult, you might consider finding a service that provides pet care in Wichita or Hutchinson. Seasons understands the importance of getting your senior help, which is why we offer free Wichita in-home pet care resources you can explore below:

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