Give your pet the care they deserve with pet services in Tyler

In-home pet care in Tyler benefits both your loved one and their pet

If you have an older relative living alone, owning a pet could greatly enhance their quality of life. Homebound seniors can find therapeutic relief in hugging a pet and even talking to it. In addition, research suggests that companion animals can reduce depression and loneliness in socially isolated adults, who often don’t have anyone else to talk to for most of the day. Unfortunately, as we get older, it often becomes more difficult to take care of pets. Cognitive decline is one factor that can reduce your older loved one’s ability to groom and care for their dog or cat. Reduced mobility can also make it very challenging to clean up a cat’s litter or take a dog on a walk. Pet care in Tyler or Longview can be a big help to seniors struggling to take care of their furry friends.

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