Give your pet the care they deserve with pet services in Tulsa

In-home pet care in Tulsa benefits both your loved one and their pet

Having a pet in the home brings so many benefits to its owners. It can be especially helpful for seniors who may not be as active as their younger counterparts. For example, did you know that the simple act of dog walking has been associated with fewer chronic conditions, lower BMQ, fewer ADL limitations, and fewer doctor visits? But pet adoption can also come with challenges, particularly if health limitations make caring for the pet difficult. Giving baths, shopping for food, and making vet visits could be too hard for some seniors.

Seasons understands how difficult it could be for your senior to struggle with care, particularly if it could result in them losing their pet. If your elderly loved one is facing this possibility, consider finding them in-home pet care in Tulsa. You can review our free Tulsa in-home pet care resources below to find a great service:

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