Give your pet the care they deserve with pet services in Houston

In-home pet care in Houston benefits both your loved one and their pet

Estimates show that at least 50% of U.S. older adults own pets. Those numbers underscore just how special animal relationships become as we get older. If your senior has a pet, then that animal may help them stay active, have a purpose, and even feel less alone or depressed. But at the same time, taking care of a pet could be a challenge for your senior as they lose energy and mobility. It’s why pet care in Houston could be right for your family.

In-home pet care in Houston can handle everything from grooming to walking and exercising your loved one’s animals. It could be exactly what your senior needs to keep their animal in their home as they grow older. Take a look at the free Houston in-home pet care resources below to learn more about local providers and your options.

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