Give your pet the care they deserve with pet services in Albuquerque

In-home pet care in Albuquerque benefits both your loved one and their pet

At least 50% of older adults in the United States have pets. This is an excellent statistic because companion animals may reduce depression and loneliness in socially isolated homebound older adults. Pets provide a reason for retirees to get up in the morning, give structure to their day, and give them the emotional benefits that come from hugging and petting an animal.

The only problem is, as people age, it may become more difficult for them to care for their pets. That’s no reason to separate your aging loved one from their companion. Instead, you can get in-home pet care services in Albuquerque for them. We understand the importance of your elderly loved one keeping their pet at home, so we provide listings for pet care in Albuquerque. Use our free Albuquerque-Santa Fe in-home pet care resources to find the right service for your loved one and their companion.

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