Finding senior caregiver resources in Washington D.C.

Resources for Washington D.C. seniors and their caregivers

Many seniors aren’t sure how to best manage the aging process, and well-meaning family members may inadvertently give them inaccurate information. Luckily, you won’t have to guess what would be best for the senior in your life if you take advantage of the extensive resources for seniors in Washington D.C. available. Organizations of all sizes offer senior resources in the D.C.-Hagerstown area, from huge national outfits like the AARP to specialists in particular topics such as the National Foundation of the Blind to local church groups. Some of these organizations also provide direct support to seniors, which may be sorely needed considering that as many as one out of every 15 seniors in the District of Columbia avoided care due to cost in 2021.

Seasons provides free local listings as a snapshot of all of the resources available to seniors, so please check them out below to get started:

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