Finding senior caregiver resources in Scranton

Resources for Scranton seniors and their caregivers

While many people think they are prepared for whatever surprises the natural aging process might have in store, most older adults are still surprised by something. Whether it’s the care they need to manage a chronic medical condition or the isolation that homebound seniors encounter, seniors frequently need trustworthy information to manage their care. Considering that as many as one out of every 19 seniors in Pennsylvania avoided care in 2021 due to cost, this can be challenging.

Fortunately, many organizations offer senior resources in Scranton and nearby areas like Wilkes-Barre and Hazleton to help older adults make the most of their golden years while avoiding scams. Caregivers can also benefit from many of the informational resources these organizations provide. Seasons provides resources on everything from dealing with dementia to general aging information, so the listings below are a great place to begin your search.

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