Finding senior caregiver resources in San Diego

Resources for San Diego seniors and their caregivers

The aging process can be difficult for both seniors and those who care about them, especially if there are disagreements about what kind of care an older adult needs. One of the best ways to reduce this friction is to consult trustworthy resources for seniors in San Diego so that everyone is working with the same accurate information. For example, organizations like the AARP provide great general information, while the Alzheimer’s Association is a great resource for anything concerning memory care. Some of these organizations also provide financial assistance or other types of aid to seniors in need. Considering that one out of every 22 seniors in California avoided care due to costs in 2021, that could be huge.

If you aren’t sure how to distinguish reliable senior resources in San Diego from less trustworthy ones, Seasons can help. The free listings below are a great place to start:

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