Finding senior caregiver resources in Fort Myers

Resources for Fort Myers seniors and their caregivers

As seniors age, they may experience unique problems related to the aging process that they didn’t anticipate and aren’t sure how to deal with. These issues range from chronic medical conditions like high blood pressure to an impaired thirst mechanism that can make older adults more susceptible to dehydration. As many as one out of 22 elder Floridians avoided care due to cost in 2021, eliminating one potential source of information. Senior resources in Fort Myers and nearby cities such as Naples can provide older adults with the information they need to navigate the aging process successfully.

Senior caregivers are also taking on a lot of responsibility and may need help. Many organizations provide dedicated caregiver support in Fort Myers to help these individuals take care of their elder loved ones. Whether you’re a senior in need or a caregiver, Seasons provides free resources to help you find the info you need.

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