Finding senior caregiver resources in Charleston

Resources for Charleston seniors and their caregivers

In 2021, as many as 1 in 14 seniors in West Virginia avoided getting the care they needed due to the cost. This could mean medical care including dental, vision, and hearing, or other types of care like psychological or emotional care. It’s unfortunate, because there are plenty of resources for seniors in Charleston to help meet their needs, whether it’s estate planning, transportation to and from medical appointments, or medical care. The problem is that there is so much help available that it can be confusing to sort through it to find the right help for your aging loved one. If you’re caring for an elderly relative, you might have run into this web of confusing local, state, and national resources. How do you find what you need?

Seasons offers free listings for resources for seniors as well as caregiver support in Charleston. View our listings and reviews below to get started finding the help your aging loved is looking for.

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