Find an outstanding adult day care in San Diego

A respite for caregivers in San Diego and opportunity for social interaction for seniors

From 2009 to 2019, California saw a 40.2% increase in the total population of persons ages 65 and up. This massive increase means there are more people than ever caring for elderly relatives. As many as 7% of persons aged 65 and over need help with personal care. While it’s an honor to care for the generation that cared for us, sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s where adult day care in San Diego comes in.

When your elderly loved one attends adult day care, they have the chance to develop close relationships with others their age and people who understand what they’re going through at their time of life. They can participate in activities that are entertaining and that help them keep their minds fresh. At the same time, you get the opportunity to perform the self-care that you very much deserve. Aging with dignity and grace is the right of every senior, and senior day care helps them do that. Use our free San Diego adult day care resources below to start searching for the right situation for the senior in your life.

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