Find an outstanding adult day care in Portland

A respite for caregivers in Portland and opportunity for social interaction for seniors

The senior population in Maine increased by 37 percent from 2009 to 2019, and many of those seniors need help to live with dignity and independence throughout their golden years. Professional caregivers like nursing aides and pet walkers provide some of this help, but many older adults also turn to friends and family members for support. If you are among the many in an informal caregiver role for a significant senior in your life, you might feel unqualified to perform certain tasks or need a break sometimes. Senior day care in Portland and nearby cities such as Auburn can be a great way to give yourself a respite without asking your loved one to sacrifice safety.

Seasons is a free resource dedicated to helping older adults live well, and our local listings are a great place to begin searching for an adult day care center. Here they are:

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