Dialysis Facilities in Piedmont Triad

Locate a convenient dialysis facility in Piedmont Triad

CKD, or chronic kidney disease, is an incurable condition that causes people to lose function in their kidneys. The illness is difficult to catch early on as it doesn’t often present with symptoms until the disease progresses to a more advanced stage. CKD can be managed through regular dialysis treatments, which is a process that flushes patients’ blood of toxins and excess fluids. These treatments are a hefty commitment, requiring four-hour sessions to be completed up to five times a week. Because your loved one will spend a significant amount of their week receiving dialysis, it’s important to find a Piedmont Triad dialysis center that makes them feel comfortable.

Seasons has put together free-to-use reviews that you can use to browse your options for a dialysis clinic in High Point. Below, you can explore the many quality clinics in your area.

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